Perspective view of 2d StackPanel

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Apr 26, 2007 at 12:11 AM
I am trying to do a animation of a stackpanel, using the perspective camera.(like the patient tracking system sample). I am using the Interactive3DDecorator and then a Viewport3D, and in the InteractoveVisual3D.Visual I am specifying this stackpanel.
I can do the perspective thing using the above...BUT I do not want the interactiveness in the whole setup. When running if the mouse moves, the panle also moves interactively.
So I think my question is, I do want to do 3D Perspective animations to the Panel, but without Interactiveness. I looked at something same as Interactive3DDecorator which would do everything but no interactive(ness), but could find anything.

Also is there a proper API,documentation for 3DTools?