The ultimate tools for WPF 3D

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May 18, 2011 at 6:51 PM

WPF 3D is a great technology!

WPF is ideal for using 3D in business applications. It has many advantages over other technologies like DirectX, OpenGL and XNA. For example:

  • Using fully managed .Net solutions.
  • When available the rendering is fully hardware accelerated.
  • Almost no minimum hardware requirements: When no accelerated graphic card is available WPF automatically fallbacks to software rendering.
  • Platform availability: .Net 3.5 SP1 is already installed on every Windows 7 OS (no need to redistribute C++ and DirectX runtimes, etc.)
  • No need to deal with special settings for various graphics cards.

However programming with WPF 3D is still not easy. But with help from Ab3d.PowerToys library programming with WPF 3D becomes really easy. The library adds many advanced features like: simplifies cameras, camera controllers, 3D models (box, sphere, etc.), 3D lines, 3D text and simplified event handling on 3D objects. It also gives you full 3D preview of the scene in Visual Studio designer.

There is also Ab3d.Reader3ds library that can be used to import 3D modes with animations directly into your WPF application.

See for more info.