RE: Binding with "ElementName" don't work inside <InteractiveVisual3D>


I'm not totally sure yet why this is happening, but here's what I found:
If you take the code here:
<DiffuseMaterial local:InteractiveVisual3D.IsInteractiveMaterial="True"/>
And then simply delete it, you'll get bindings to work. By default we use a DiffuseMaterial, set up exactly as you have it above, so it will give the same results.
When you specify your own material directly, we clone it, and then search through it, looking for the IsInteractiveMaterial dependency property, and then replacing the brush's that have this set to true with the created visual brush. Somehow this process must result in the bindings not getting set up correctly, or I'm not calling a function to have them be set up.
I'll look in to it and see if I can get a more permanant fix and better answer (with the holidays coming up though it might take awhile for a response). But hopefully the above workaround helps in the short term (and if you're looking for a more advanced material I'd recommend just directly modifying the code to use your advanced material as a default).
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Resolved with changeset 19131.

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